About Us

Of The Spirit creates credible content for people with spiritual questions and curiosities, and who either love God or want to, and are feeling something is missing in their relationship with him.  Desiring more power to overcome things they know in their hearts they should.Actually that’s just two of a whole lot of questions that we are trying to figure out. So we created this site and asked a bunch of really smart people to help us put together some legit answers.

What you’ll find here is an ever-expanding collection of original and curated content from many of the best minds in the world that spend their lives exploring these topics. We’ve organized all of it specifically to make your search easy, enjoyable, and ultimately satisfying.

Who We Are

We’ve got a small staff based in Round Rock, Texas, but the larger team is made up of writers, artists, storytellers, filmmakers, theologians, contractors, pastors, partners, and volunteers from around the world. Of The Spirit would not be possible without the tireless work of many committed people.

We are Christians, not know-it-alls. We’re a diverse group from different denominations who don’t see eye to eye on everything, and we love asking tough questions and seeking out credible information together. This website is an earnest and humble expression of our collective quest to know God more deeply and experience God more fully. View our Statement of Faith for detailed information on what we believe.

Our Mission

We want to take on tough questions that deserve deep, intelligent, and nuanced answers, questions about the Holy Spirit and his characteristics. And we want to help you see the Holy Spirit with clear eyes and a plain understanding of how you interact with him. What you choose to do with that information is entirely up to you. As it should be. If our work here can give you something valuable to think about in your own life, and motivate you to study, pray, meditate and engage God and his Spirit, then we’ve done what we’ve set out to do.

Our Thanks

We appreciate you taking the time to stop by and reading this page.  We have video, articles, and stories for you to watch, read, comment on, or start conversations with, and we also offer pre-organized content to facilitate group discussions. Please join us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTubeInstagram and follow #ofTheSpiritOrg to share in the conversation together. As always, we’d love to hear from you.